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If you’re in the process of creating a logo, then you’ll not be interested in that kind of logos that people easily forget, you need a great logo that we’ll always be able to recognize


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The logos templates are updated regularly, in case you want to take a look at our latest collection before dipping inside the logos category, you’ll find in the link below the new collection just added to our page.

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Choose your Logo Type

Creating your new logo will be more easir if you decide from the beginning which type of logos you’ll create, there are many types of logos, below you’ll find a small description of the type and the samples we have.

Abstract Logos

This type of logo is designed to be a unique draw that suppose to be represent your business. this shape must not to be  a familar shape or image.

Combination Mark

From the name of this logo type, this type is compining two logos types (Abestract and wordmark) logos.

The Emblem

The classical type of logos, only a text inside a shape, consider badges, seals and crests and many sport clubs using this type of logos.

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our latest stories and articles, we’ll try to post regurally some tips that could help you to design the logo you want.